Brigade Wakesurfing

Brigade Wakesurfing--Surf This!

It all started with a dream in Boise, Idaho. To bring the “Lifestyle” of surfing to the lakeside. By building custom boards perfectly fit and designed per each rider, with the customization of graphics and design. We continue to expand and share the stoke of wakesurfing all over the world and look forward to making your dream board come to life.Cause its your board, your design, your dream.  “It’s more than just surfing… It’s a lifestyle”The Brigade Team is always growing and adding to the troops. If you would like to become a part of the Brigade Team, send us a quick email describing yourself and how you want to be involved on the team. Either as a Team Rider / Rep / Dealer / Employee / Artist / Designer. You name it! We want the radest of people sharing the stoke of Wakesurfing through Brigade.